Mask covering mouth and nose at all times.Food workers must wear gloves, which must be changed frequently. Hand washing stations with antibacterial soap and paper towels Hand sanitizer at every workstation. We have a laser thermometer to check employee temperature. We have signage throughout the kitchen to remind staff of protocols. If any employee calls or states they aren’t feeling well. We require a negative COVID test, no matter what the symptoms are.


We use Eco-Lab Eco-San for all surfaces and equipment. We have a designated person who just cleans.

Dining Room

We use Eco-Lab and Eco-San to clean all surfaces, including tables, chairs and benches after each use. We have hand sanitizer throughout. We use QR codes instead of menus. We do not set the Tables with plates and silverware. We don’t keep Salt and Pepper or any other condiment on the table. We keep the tables six feet apart and have plexiglass partitions between booths. If we have a waitlist for a table, we have the guest wait in the car and we call them.